Monday, February 15, 2010

I GIVE GOD THE HONOR AND PRAISE, for HE encourages me.

I am ever in awe of the power and the wisdom that GOD has....for it is impossible to measure and know as a human. Looking at all creation and the wonders of it all. For the sky is powerful, and covers the whole earth.

Looking at the stars above as they glissen in the night like diamonds in the sky. Smiles from heaven, on a blanket of black blue velvet. The touch you feel from the FATHER is like a warm blanket removed from the dryer that is wrapped around you.

Comforting, and only a good FATHER will.

In these times and days we all need to have encouragment, it is always good to to tell them with a Godly heart and intent. As you do so, you will feel it as well. Give GOD the honor always. Love HIM with your whole heart ming and soul. I thank GOD for HIS son Jesus as He came to save me from all of my sins. I thank HIM for that.