Sunday, November 6, 2011

A cross in the sky.

Hello fellow Christians.

I want to tell you something that will hopefully encourage your as your go through your tests of faith.

For the very past few years it has been a struggle of will and faith..but in the recent few months the burden has gotten heavier. And even though what I go through many have before, and have made it through...I feel the need to tell you about this situation I sm in.

And this is all a matter if what you go through when you HAVE to work with secular people in the mindset that they may share. I have been going through the usual of what they will aim to do to take away your joy by words and deeds. It wears on you to the point of tears in the morning when you awake the day knowing that you are heading into a place of mischief and mayheim.

I remember Daniel in the Lions den. How he trusted in the Lord and was delivered from that sistuation coming out of it unharmed. I have been thinking about it and staying in the word, praying and tryiung to keep my head/eyes on HIM.

For I know once I turn away, it would not be good for then how was I to know that a blessing was being handed to me? I would not see it if I was covered by the non-sense that was given to me. It was all distractions...and the enemy was fighting hard.

I prayed with my husband, faimly, mom and a few close friends. Prayer is so powerful, it can re-charge the battery within to stay in the word. We pray at all times, but when GOD hears and sees the pain you are going through HE comes to the rescue everytime.

I waited and waited ...prayed...even in tears. When was the mircle going to take place to release me from the continuing non-sense at work? As I got into the car to head off to work...I glanced up at the sky.

The most wonderful, beautiful thing I have seen. It was clouds formed in a cross of JESUS! I pointed it out to my husband and he saw it too. We both shared in the blessing! This cross, was huge....there were cloud around it to empisize the cross...the sun was behind it as it was coming up in the early morning. The colors about the sky were different than that of others days. I mean this was something that really gave me comfort. For it was telling me it was going to be a better day for me.

GOD gave me peace.

The whole feeling of peace and comfort came about me. Humbling me. Taking it all in.

The day was better, I was not barthered by the secular ones....they were given issues of their own that they had to deal with. I was able to enjoy getting my work done. And even solving an issue there at work that made the office manager pleased. All the work I do at work I have aimed to give GOD glory the best I could. And I was happy that I felt I was able to accumplish this that day.

I do not feel that secular people will understand true GOD loving Christian people until they are able to let the Lord in their heart. So there will always be a conflict of sorts for lack of understanding of how we think. Their eyes are set on the world and its ways, and ours are on the LORD GOD because we love HIM.

Because of the fact that JESUS is GOD's only son....who HE sacrifced for us to save us from our sins we will always be treated in a negative way by secular people that hate our GOD. Those that hate GOD, dont care anything about us either.

Stay in prayer, stay in the grace of GOD. For HIS devine love is so is beyond our human understanding. And it is well with me to know that such a powerful and mighty, and wise , umnipresent GOD loves a mere human like me.

With the blessing I had gotten in the sky, I will always remember that GOD is watching over me. And HE will do this for you oince you let HIM into your heart...into your soul....into your mind sincerely.

1Peter chapter3, verses 13-15.

Peace be with you all