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GODS TRUTH and the Devils LIES

You go through life wondering sometimes how things that are not right get going, like rumors. I am not sure about all of them. But from the ones I see where they do start, from just being around secular people it will start from a lie.

Just think about this. The first lie told to mankind was in the garden of Eden to Eve by the serpent. This mushroomed into the fallen earth we have today. All because of a negative suggestion of untruth calling in a way that GOD was lying to both Adam and Eve about the tree of life.

One lie is told, then another to cover the first and then another to cover the first two and so on and so on. Think about it, she would not have given the thought to eat the forbidden fruit if she was not tempted by the lie.

Lies are not a good thing to do regardless if you are a believer or not. Yes some of us may lie to keep the peace and to protect another persons feelings but in the long run you will feel a burden on you from doing that. Or even to protect your own personal private life from busy bodies. Still not a good thing to do.

Lies do so much evil harm like:

1. Ones told to you about how much you will be paid on a new job. Then you see you will get less than expected will lead to resentment and you leaving that job. It could have caused you to leave one job to get this new one. So if you do leave it, you will not have one at all.

2. The intentions of a man towards a woman pretending to marry her. Where he is only looking to have fun with absolutely no commitment to her. Once he has deceived her, he is moving on to his next victim. This man is living a lie and is not only hurting the victims he abuses, but his soul as well.

3. The jealous woman co-worker who is caught up in a plan to under mind the woman she is jealous of. By spreading harmful lies about her to make her look bad in front of other co-workers. Also the bosses and anyone else they assume will listen to what she is saying.

4. Products bought with good intentions. You assume what you are paying for you will get what you want for the price you are paying for with no extra hidden fees. But then here comes the bill! More than what you have agreed on.

5. Getting a good grade in school for the project you have done. With bias thoughts done against the student because of color even when the project should get a "A" . As the white students have done for equal work of the completed assignment.

6. Getting out of a traffic ticket when you know all well and good you were speeding. I should say trying to. The policemen will not put up with a lie.

7. In relationships. As in example 2. Be it you are married or dating with the intention to be married. Lying to the mate is never a good thing to do when hiding something you will never want them to find out. Such as being the father to other children from different women. You may have changed your life and are saved by the blood of JESUS now. But once you marry and have kids with your wife in this new life. It is best to let her know of your children's half brothers and sisters. You do not want them meeting and marrying when they are grown and having children.

8. Accusing others of things they did not do. Well this is like example 3. But with the intention to blame a crime on a person so they will do jail time. This can even be what kids will do to get another child in trouble with the teacher.

9. Saying you can do something when you can not. Like to pretend to say sing, act in the entertainment business, you are a medical doctor, what ever . You say these things to impress others.

10.Just lying on a person you don't know, just because you don't like how they look. That applies to anything by all people as to what they see. Making negative comments, issues, stories or what ever that can lead to fights. And in some cases even leading up to wars against another nation.

And to think we all came from two people.....Adam and Eve acting the way we do towards each other is shameful.

Let us all think about who is the one that is causing all of this negative things. GOD is not the one, he does not like it when we do not live our fellow human as how we love ourselves.

If you are a GOD loving person, you do your best to tell the truth as how you know it to be correct. Those who hate the truth don't tell it and wont listen to the truth because of the lack of faith and trust in GOD and HIS son JESUS.

See, the people I have met along my paths from day to day that love to gossip are telling harmful lies. Those that listen to it, love to hear harmful lies. This kind of media is big business on the movie stars along with the people next door too. It is spread on the television, radio, or the gossip columns. Even whole magazines that devote their print to telling gossip. And I almost forgot the internet, that is something you will get an annoying pop-up screen for to click on when you don't want it.

The truth is told in the loving word of GOD. It is impossible for our GOD to lie. HIS word is the Holy Bible. It will tell you the truth, and if many don't want to know the truth they will not read it. But as a Christian I want to learn all I can about GODS word because it gives me comfort. The truth is comforting too, because it is something you can depend on coming from our GOD. Stay away from gossip.

Ephesians 4:29 KJV
“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”

King James Version (KJV)
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Be blessed, and never stress. GOD will never lead you into harm. Trust GOD and HIS son JESUS at all times. May a blessing be to you for the reading of this post, and to share it with all you know! Praise and glory be to GOD ALMIGHTY now and forever and for all of eternity long!


John 8:32 KJV
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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